We started this company with the vision to provide our friends, family, & neighbors with the highest quality, freshest beer in Western, New York. We use time honored brewing traditions and the finest ingredients to produce a broad spectrum of extraordinary beers that we hope you enjoy!

Our brewery is family operated, Buffalo owned and we take this statement very seriously! This motto goes hand-in-hand with our slogan, "Good Neighbors, Great Beer!" We know and understand that Buffalo is an amazing place to live and that the people here play a very important role in making Western, New York so special! It is our hope that you will enjoy our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them!


Our Philosophy

On Tap:

Tasting Room Hours

Thursday 4PM-8PM

Friday 4PM-8PM

Saturday 12PM-8PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM

Core Beers:

** Always on Tap**

Tap 1:

1804 American Pale Ale

(5.8% ABV)

(39 IBU)

Tap 2:

1813 Porter

(5.7% ABV)

(36 IBU)

Tap 3:

1842 Vienna Lager

(5.5% ABV)

(26 IBU)

Tap 4:

1910 Czech Pilsner

(5% ABV)

(33 IBU)

Tap 5:
1901 IPA
(7% ABV)
(92 IBU)

Tap 6:

Empty :(

Tap 7:
2017 Celebration Pale Ale
(4.8% ABV)
(41 IBU)

Tap 8:

1868 NYS Session IPA

(4.8% ABV)

(70 IBU)