Tasting Room Hours

Tuesday 4PM-8PM

Thursday 4PM-8PM

Friday 4PM-8PM

Saturday 12PM-8PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM

"Phil, Tony, Ray Coniglio and friends in front of the La Stella building, about 1932.".



Our building was originally built in the early 1900's to house the LaStella Bleach factory. Our plan is to rescue the 1100 sq/ft structure to house our small brewery and tasting room. Check out the interior construction progress!!

The Brewhouse & Brewery


We produce 2 barrels at a time or about 62 gallons per batch. On brew day, we brew one batch, racking or moving the beer into a 2 barrel, stainless steel fermenters that are both air and glycol chilled and each fermenter has a heating element to keep the fermenting beer within .1 degree F of the target temperature. The cellar consists of six 2 barrel fermenters and one 2 barrel bright beer tank. The cellar is what determines our annual brewing capacity. Once the beer is fermented it is filtered and moved into the bright beer tank where it is carbonated. After carbonation, it is then kegged. After a slight aging period, the beer is ready for consumption! Our brewhouse has no automation and relies entirely on the skill of the brewmaster to produce a consistent product.

Equipment Highlights

-90 Gallon Gas Fired Hot Liquor Tank

-90 Gallon Triple Insulated Mash/ Lauter Tun

-90 Gallon Gas Fired Brew Kettle with Whirlpool and Condensate Stack

-6 80 Gallon Single Wall Fermenters with CIP sprayballs and PLC controlled Heating and cooling independently for each unit.

-80 Gallon Single Wall Bright Beer Tank with Carb Stone