Buffalo Brewing Company

The Buffalo Brewing Story

Why We Started.

Beer is my passion. I promise to focus on perfecting my beer wherever I can and strongly believe in the hands-on, artisan aspect of brewing. I take pride in performing every job in the brewery, from the brewing to the business, on my own. I value my relationship with the customers, respect their opinions and will always strive to meet their demands. I desire to brew more and more creative beers while maintaining multiple core beers on tap at all times.


I want the brewery to feel comfortable to all. It's small and intimate which can sometimes be intimidating to someone who doesn't know much about craft beer. We are far from beer snobs at Buffalo Brewing Company and welcome questions of any kind! We all learned at some point, after all. I have a great love for the brewing history of Buffalo, NY and continue to collect as many unique antiques pertaining to that as I can get my hands on! (Keep that in mind if you have any that you're willing to sell...) The love for Buffalo history can be seen through the brewery’s beer names which commemorates milestone events in Buffalo's past.


It’s not my goal to be the trendiest brewery in town or to expand too quickly. If I can maintain the passion for creating craft beer of the best quality while growing great relationships with our patrons, that's my only focus along with paying tribute to our wonderful City of Buffalo!


Cheers to Good Neighbors and Great Beer!



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